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Unique Euro-Mediterranean Market and Eatery Coming to Legacy West

Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market is bringing an immersive, cross-cultural culinary journey like no other to Legacy West this fall.

Dallas Restaurateur Conjures Up Exciting Mediterranean Market-Cafe

There is an exciting new combination of restaurant and market in Planos Legacy West: Called Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market. It’s an ambitious Marrakech-inspired bar, restaurant, and market with all kinds of food due to open in the fall.

5 New Plano Restaurant and Bar Openings to Look Forward To

The new market and eatery is set to open this fall with a Turkish coffee bar, full-service bar, deli, and expansive outdoor patio. Diners can expect mezze, souvlaki, meat boards, and more. The decor will feature Middle Eastern elements, as well as North African and coastal Mediterranean interiors.

Mediterranean Market Opening Soon at Plano’s Legacy West

The shopping center, which includes a deli, bakery, cafe and outdoor patio, will feature foods from across the Mediterranean, both grocery staples like specialty olive oils, Moroccan spices, dried fruit, nuts, cheeses and meats; and dishes for dine-in, like Spanish meat boards,

Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market Opens In Plano, Texas This Fall

Once inside Darna’s doors you are immediately taken to an authentic Mediterranean market. An explosion of colors, patterns, smells and sounds will fuse different cultures and traditions, resulting in an experience so real that you may for a moment forget that you are still in North Texas.

Unique Euro-Mediterranean Market and Eatery Coming to Legacy West

A celebration of the shops, cafés, street vendors and bazaars that attract people of all ages and cultures to the shores of the Mediterranean, Darna – meaning “Our House” in Arabic – will immerse its guests in a land draped in history and culture.

Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market, Eatery Coming to Legacy West in October 2021

The Mediterranean makes one think of all things beautiful. From sparkling blue waters to perfect weather, it’s a dream location for almost everyone. And it’s (kind of) coming to Legacy West this October. Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market, Yela Concepts’ newest brand, is coming to Windrose Avenue.

Dallas restaurateur conjures up exciting Mediterranean market-cafe for Plano

There’s an exciting new combination restaurant-market coming to Plano’s Legacy West: Called Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market, it’s an ambitious Marrakesh-inspired bar, restaurant, and market with all sorts of foodstuffs set to open in the fall.

Darna Euro-Mediterranean Market Coming to Legacy West this Fall

This fall, a new Euro-Mediterranean market, eatery and bar is coming to Legacy West. It’s called Darna, meaning “our house” in Arabic, and it intends to bring North Texans on a cross-cultural culinary journey.

A Massive Mediterranean Market Will Open at Plano’s Legacy West

The eatery, to be located at 7700 Windrose Avenue, is meant to evoke the many shops, cafés, street vendors and bazaars that populate much of the Mediterranean. Stay tuned for details on an opening date.

Junction Food & Drink Prepares to Celebrate Grand Opening at Denver’s Colorado Center

Located at 2000 S. Colorado Blvd., the one-of-a-kind, chef-driven food hall will feature an eclectic collection of 10 artisanal food stalls in addition to Denver-based Sonder Coffee and Tea and its signature, 40-foot, indoor/outdoor Junction Bar…

From shawarma to sushi, 10 food stalls are coming to the first University of Denver-area food hall

Junction Food & Drink — at South Colorado Boulevard and I-25 — has confirmed a 10-stall restaurant lineup…

Baboush Chef Yaser Khalaf on How to Make it in America

Yaser’s life-long passion for food, culture and people helped mold him into a successful restaurateur…

Souk Opens in Trinity Groves

Every bit like the set of a fantasy Aladdin dream house. Plush pillows on the floor take the place of chairs. Multicolored sheer drapes hang over a market-esque decoration on the wall…

Tagines and Hookahs at Trinity Groves

If you only read one thing about life-changing Moroccan tagine today… It should be this.

A Food Hall is Coming to Colorado and I-25

The culinary destination, dubbed Junction Food & Drink will be a 12,000-square-foot food hall with creations from both locally and nationally renowned chefs…

New food hall opening in south Denver

Junction Food & Drink is coming to South Colorado Boulevard in spring 2020, offering 10 artisanal food stalls, a coffee shop and a 40-foot central bar to an area of the city whose culinary scene largely has been defined so far by stand-alone restaurants…

Big-name Dallas chefs sign on with Plano's trendy food hall

A booming new food hall in Plano has signed up a slew of high-profile restaurateurs that include some very big names in Dallas dining…

Crave Food Hall Brings Chef-Driven Fare to Purdue

Dedicated to showcasing the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of an array of high-quality cuisines, the 8,000-square-foot food hall, adjacent to the Purdue campus, will feature inspired creations from both locally and nationally renowned chefs… 

Ultimate List of Tasty Restaurants in Plano Texas

Just 20 miles away from the hubbub of Dallas, Plano offers a wide variety of dining options from upscale and elegant to cheap and cheerful…


Taking a look at Detour Concepts, a food company, with owner Yaser Khalaf. Local Deep Dive with OTG is a weekly look into the lives and businesses of iconic local brands… 


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