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The new year will soon be knocking at your restaurant door, as will patrons in search of reconnecting in a year where freedom promises to be ours again. People worldwide are imploring 2021 to deliver an abundance of fresh beginnings, hopes, and dreams. They will be craving something new and to dust off a year that replicated a sci-fi movie. They need a makeover, an overhaul, a world of fresh renovations.

You can bring this renewed outlook to your patrons by renovating your restaurant in simple, smart, and inexpensive ways. No demolition or budget-busting is required. Instead, it only requires a fresh, practical spin on what renovation means and a little creativity. Yela Concepts and Memar Contractor’s Group bring you 6 budget-friendly restaurant renovation tips:


People feast with their eyes before they feast on your food. Ensure that your restaurant’s exterior is as delectable as the taste and aromas you’ll be serving inside. As one of our primary senses, visual first impressions count. Building instant brand recognition for your restaurant is vital, and your restaurant’s exterior must champion your brand in every respect. Ensure both the exterior and immediate surroundings are clean and that your signage is still looking new and professional. Color can increase brand recognition by 80%, so ensure your signature colors get the fresh coat of paint they deserve.



Yet another visual trigger. However, not only do your furnishings add to your brand’s look, they also need to be comfortable and practical. Take a step back and look through the eyes of your patrons. Could your furnishings do with a reupholster or a professional clean? Even if your restaurant has a more rustic vibe, it needn’t have a worn or tacky one. Remember, restaurants are all about good taste – and that includes your furnishings.


Flooring is a funny thing. You don’t necessarily notice it consciously if it’s on-point and tastefully understated. However, if it’s outdated or downright uneasy on the eye, it swiftly becomes a focal point. Slippery floors can have slippery financial implications, so ensure your floor surfaces are, first and foremost, safe. There are many restaurant flooring options, and you’ll want to explore the ones that are relatively low-maintenance and inexpensive for a quick renovation. Or perhaps all that’s required to breathe new life into your current flooring is a simple polish. It’s not just your food that you’ll want to ensure is polished off.

  1. FLASH

The ambiance is not necessarily tangible, but you can be sure it’s the first thing your patrons will feel. Proper restaurant lighting is essential for creating the ideal sensory experience. There is a reason the warm hue of candlelight has long been associated with calm, love, warmth, and good food. Not that we’re suggesting candles are a mandatory table adornment but think dimmers rather than harsh fluorescent bulbs. Even in the restrooms, you want your patrons to glance fondly at themselves in the mirror. This is not the time to be highlighting any flaws!

  1. FLOW

In this case, you can’t simply just go with the flow. Critical thinking is essential when it comes to your floorplan layout. It may require a walk-through to get a keen grasp of simple ways to optimize flow and space. This applies to both your patrons and waitrons. It can mean moving a waiter’s station or changing the position of a table that disrupts the walkway from the kitchen to the dining area. Practical flow will improve customer experience and increase the staff’s ability to function effectively and efficiently.


Does everything work? Audit your restrooms to ensure that taps, locks, and lights are working and that hygiene and neatness are being upheld. You may want to consider adding contactless, automated handwashing and drying experiences in today’s new world. Even touchless trash cans will make patrons more comfortable about hygiene.

Spend some time in every area of your restaurant. Check for chips, wear-and-tear, broken glasses and crockery, and any equipment that may not be functioning optimally. Perhaps create a checklist so that you know you are fully prepared for the new year.

Remember, it’s easy to overlook a flaw if you are around it frequently. Pull in a third party or friend to give you an honest overview of your restaurant. Then jot down the areas that require a little renovation and TLC. With creativity and some hands-on work, a restaurant renovation needn’t leave a bad financial taste in your mouth. Now, set your restaurant’s playlist to just the right volume, and dance into a new year full of promise.


For any of your renovation, planning or construction needs, feel free to get in touch with our partner in all things construction-related, Memar Contractors Group.