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There is a place where travel is unrestricted. That place is where food and imagination meet and conspire in the nicest of ways to transport us. Food carries us to far off lands draped in history and culture. It drops us into a labyrinth of sun filtered alleys in the heart of the markets brimming with silk kaftans, colorful carpet, olives, nuts, and bold, intricate spices. It immerses us into the rugged plateaus as we sip on wine and feast on robust, cool, clear flavors. It welcomes us to share stories over mezzes bursting with vivid flavor and color.

Yaser Khalaf, founder of Yela Concepts and president of National Food Hall Solutions, has long known this. For more than 25 years, he has served not just food but immersive dining experiences. He believes that food is not only taste; it is texture, aroma, and visual art. It is about warm connections and standout memories that bring smiles and delight taste buds. When dining at a Yaser Khalaf establishment, expect to be served food garnished with an authentic destination experience.

Now, Yaser brings together a lifetime’s worth of research that has culminated in his biggest project to date. Due to open later this year, this latest concept is a celebration of shops, cafes, street vendors, and Bazaars that attract people of all ages and cultures to its doors. It promises to be a cross-cultural culinary journey like no other.

“Patrons will be invited to eat with us or take it home. We aim to offer a dynamic, ever-changing curated collection of the best things on earth to eat and drink,” says Khalaf.

This new concept is derived from three regions where the heart is deep and generous and has given an energetic spirit and love-of-life to the surrounding countries. It is an enticing dance of diverse methods and flavors.

However, in keeping with the Yela Concepts ethos of immersive dining, the cuisine and drinks served are just the beginning of this riveting creative market experience. Patrons will be transported as if on a magic carpet to these destinations as they peruse retail lines of specialty olive oils, snacks, and essential ingredients. From these thoughtfully sourced retail treasures, it is possible to recreate these authentic meals at home. The patio, indoor and outdoor dining areas will have patrons soaking in an explosion of colors, patterns, and styles while feasting on the fare. An experience so real, you might even be able to imagine the calls of the traders and vendors as they set up their stalls.

Distinctive flavors and a distinctively standout dining experience is what patrons have come to expect from Yela Concepts, where “you arrive as guests and leave as friends.” This latest concept from the house of Yela, will most certainly be to everyone’s taste, and then some.

So, stay tuned for weekly #TastyTeasers as we feed you nuggets of information about the biggest project to date. From concepts, to consulting, to investing, Yela Concepts brings a lot to the table.